Special blends

A family of products consisting of pure raw materials comprising vegetable and mineral extraction for organic and conventional utilisation.

nutrient composts


Organic products designed for nutrition that is balanced and environmentally friendly.

mineral composts


Mineral products for a balanced intake of meso, macro- and micro-elements.



Formulated with the aim of nutrition targeted towards the different phenological phases for the development of a healthier crop.

integrated composts


Carefully researched supplements designed to prevent and treat nutritional micro-deficiencies.



Granular organomineral fertilisers designed for the cross-fertilisation of arboreal and herbaceous crops.


After years of study and constant scientific research, Tecnobell has developed a series of special fertilisers, suitable for organic farming.

Innovative fertilisers, rich in plant extracts, ideal for preventing and resolving any deficiencies in the plants and, thanks to the special ingredients, ensuring the best possible development and growth during each of the plants' phenological phases.


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