Tecnobell is the result of the long experience of people who devoted their lives to understanding and grasping the real needs of the agricultural world.The reflection on the extraordinary evolution that has emerged in recent years has imposed the creation of products with low environmental impact, respecting human nature and health.

Our vision

It is our duty to respect and safeguard the environment in which we produce. The two challenges that characterize this century are the overcoming of poverty and the management of climate change, if we fail in one we will not succeed in the other, so it is our job to deliver our children a better world.


The mission is to support with a special nutrition, the result of constant research and development, all the phenological phases of crops in order to provide the consumer with a healthier and cleaner food. Thanks to the remarkable know-how, the clever combination of the most innovative laboratory equipments, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, high purity of mineral and vegetable raw materials, creates special products that become precise tools in the hands of those who have to find every day the right balance between abundant and quality productions. Everything is in line with sustainable development that must respond effectively to a growing global demand for food.

Agricultural fertiliser research
Agricultural chemical products
Fertiliser production
Compost production
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